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Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork has returned and live through your electronic device. We missed you all while we were away for so long.  What have we been up to, you might ask?  Well sit back and enjoy the read while I share our events.

Back in July, a certification was handed for attending Trigger Point Therapy workshop as part of continuing education credits.  Whether it be 1) staying current to different approaches or 2) learning techniques, Oasis Therapy practices professional development

Late August, we made our first experience magical in the American tourist destination of Rocky Point, Mexico.  We had the chance to talk with locals and offered self-care techniques to those in the community through our philanthropic gestures to promote the welfare of others. As that is who we are! Our mission at Oasis Therapy Massage is to “focus toward optimal health and wellness through massage therapy.” And that’s exactly what we aim to do! No matter where we go! And because of this, we were given gifts and treasures along our journey. Moments of laughter! Times full of fun! Counting special tours of the city, adventures on the water and more! It goes to show that when we unite, hand in hand, for big or small affairs, we all get to win.

In September, Oasis Therapy partnered with AAA to recognize the hard work, dedication and success their employees deliver in the workplace.   Orchestrated by team lead, Carmen G., she reached out to Oasis in effort to provide on-site chair massage as part of their Staff Appreciation Day.

It was a wonderful time sharing the wealth of health with so many faces! Oasis Therapy felt honored to be a part of all thanks to our client who referred us….Carmen.  She has been an individual client of Oasis since 2017, from Groupon.  BELIEVE that!! And has stayed with us ever since! “Natalie is absolutely wonderful! I was hooked after my first session. It is very hard to find a decent massage therapist, believe me I have seen my share. I use to be a member of a local massage chain always felt like they just wanted more money from me. Natalie really cares and it shows in her work.” – Carmen G.  All through our quality services that leaves a lasting impression to  those who come across! Stay tuned for our next event or refer us out.

Finally, Oasis was handed another certification last month.  This workshop was a bit out of my interest….Introduction to Eastern Massage Methods, but was curious to know if-at all-a difference of approach from Eastern and Western practices.  Exploring alternative methods like Shiatsu, Tui Na, and Thai massage was fascinating to learn their commonalities as each approach facilitates musculoskeletal healing.

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