Principle and Effectiveness

 Far-Infrared (FIR) Slimming & Detoxifying Treatment

The fat dissolving blanket allows a three zone (far-infrared radiant) heating differential, specifically designed to target areas of focus, and aim to completely dissolve fat over time.

  • Dissolve fat:  FIR ray makes a direct action to the fat structure in effort to dissolve and liquefy the fact cells.
  • Eliminate fat:  FIR can release a great deal of heat energy, accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, promote the metabolism, speed biochemistry reaction for proper cell function, and break down of fat.
  • Shrink fat:  FIR ray raises the temperature to the local tissue, enlarge the pore, outflow the sweat, moisture of the fat cell enter into the cell to greatly lessen the volume of the cell.
  • Lymph detoxification:  Heat can enlarge the capillary vessels, speed blood circulation, promote metabolism to encourage the dissolved fat to enter into the blood, which accelerates the lymph circulation to rid body of toxins.
  • Relax muscle:  Heat energy generated by FIR can promote relaxation and lessen muscle tension from an increase in activity of function.

 How does FIR therapy work toward healing the body?

Detoxification and good circulation result in adequate exchange of nutrients into cells, reduced inflammation, a boosted immune system, relief from pain and stress on muscles and joints, and loss of excess weight with a more healthier, beautiful skin!

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