Mobile massage, also referred to as out-call or traveling massage therapy, can be separated into two different categories: corporate or residential.  Many find it difficult to fit ‘me time’ into their schedule,” says Natalie Jung-O’Connor, Founder and LMT, enter Oasis Therapy.  Using the traditional concept of massage therapy but adding a twist, we utilize a portable massage table or chair to bring the enjoyment to you!

This mobile service offers clients the convenience of having the massage session brought to them, which means a therapist may travel to a client’s home, or in a hotel or office, to name a few. Having a client in an environment where they clearly feel comfortable can promote relaxation, and may help prolong the beneficial effects of the massage therapy session. “To me, a client is more relaxed and at ease,” said Natalie.  “The relationship becomes more intimate between therapist and client in a familiar and well-known environment, which ultimately increases comfort.”