At Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork ….. we want to “thank you” for your commitment and commend you as we continue to focusing on your health-care through massage!

Come on over, one for all and all for one and let us appreciate you with our HOLIDAY 2 for 1 SPECIAL

Your experience begins with a total body relaxation-from head to toe.  We will pamper you with our ‘top of the line’ massage so to enjoy for as long as your heart so desires.

Each massage incorporates the art of transition and flow, quality of touch, and a professional relationship with the application of technique.  Technique and application bolster the success, and so, this ultimately creates a state of relaxation to help you unwind and reduce stress while combining light stretches to help flexibility.

Massage Therapy and Spa Treatments

Here’s one client who gives feedback, “Natalie is absolutely wonderful! I was hooked after my first session.  It is very hard to find a decent massage therapist, believe me I have seen my share. I use to be a member of a local massage chain always felt like they just wanted more money from me. Natalie really cares and it shows in her work“.

Why not consider adding an exclusive facial massage (just $30) that will leave your skin moisturized and nourished for a natural glow!  These delectably scented facials are just the beginning to your happiness this season — our flavors include honey, coconut, chocolate mint, and pumpkin. Just share with us your favorite!

Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork

*Limited time offer. Expires: 12/31/18.

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