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Oasis Therapy wants to keep you abreast of the latest in the massage industry.  News has traveled and Hyperice’s device known as the Hypervolt has been getting traction.  Referred to as vibration massage, the tool protracts and retracts 3200 times a minute, which gives the body a vibration type of therapy used to stimulate the body.

Studying a new type of therapy, the capabilities of this tool—and its different tool tips—the benefits offered, and then incorporating this therapy treatment has been a plus by adding more technique in my toolbox!  Client’s have commented about the difference they felt after their session.  Carmen writes this, “Natalie always has my best interest at heart, like introducing me to a new therapy treatment using the Hypervolt.  The treatment and her expertise go hand-in-hand that you will not regret”.

What is more, “I believe staying committed to professional development is staying committed to the client’s well-being”, says Natalie Jung, Founder & LMT at Oasis Therapy.

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Listen to the video as he explains more in detail of the benefits of the Hypervolt:

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