Since the workplace is a setting in which many of us spend the majority of our days, Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork stands strong in our mission to facilitate corporate wellness.

Through social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, or finding us under massage in Glendale doing a Google search, Oasis Therapy has increased visibility through the distribution of important health information and improving marketability by attending several health fairs put on by our partners.  The picture to below was a staff appreciation event last month hosted by one of our great affiliates!

In addition to maintaining partnerships and caring for our single client at our downtown Glendale-studio, Oasis Therapy is happy to be one of the premier options for employers on the path to corporate wellness.  “Let’s create a new motto ‘no company left behind’ as a motive to demonstrate employee appreciation by adding corporate wellness,” says Natalie Jung-O’Connor, Founder & LMT.

Top ten reasons why your company needs an Employee Wellness Program:

  1. Decreased Health Care Costs
  2. Increased Workplace Morale
  3. Reduced Overall Costs
  4. Reduced Absenteeism
  5. Reduced Sick Leave
  6. Increased Productivity
  7. Increased Responsibility
  8. Increased Company Loyalty
  9. Improved Work Performance
  10. Decreased Health Insurance Cost

We continuously seek out new business partners, and to jump up our game, we have a corporate wellness referral” incentive!  To the person who orchestrates this business connection and your employer elects Oasis Therapy to be their on-going corporate wellness provider, for 12-months you will receive a FREE 10-minute chair massage.

“Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork remains committed to a diverse client base,” said Natalie.  Part of that commitment means forming new connections and partnering with like-minded companies who are equally passionate about workplace wellness.

Do like what these companies do, elect Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork as your corporate wellness provider!

Use my FSA or HSA account?

Have you wondered……do flexible spending accounts cover massage?  You can save money-tax-free-from each paycheck and use the funds toward your therapeutic massages!  That’s Great News! … and moving forward, be informed that Oasis Therapy now accepts the FSA and HSA account cards.

So why not!

Call us to get Corporate Wellness in your workplace: 623.698.5236