In this article from Mindbody, this massage therapist often asks clients about their massage history and/or self care routine. Interestingly, the responses from clients are quite similar from “I enjoy getting massages, but I don’t get them as often as I’d like,” or “I work a lot and to tired when I get home”, or “I have little time after….”.  Does this sound familiar?

Massage and Your Self Care Routine

We have become conditioned to scheduling regular dental visits, physical checkups, and even make time for extra curricular activities. Much like a car needs regular maintenance, the body does also through massage therapy and self care routine.

We deal with outside factors like stress and anxiety where it sends the body into a different behavior. Over time, those factors build and begin to reveal itself in the form of pain, which can dramatically restrict our lifestyle and may impact our overall health. Take care of yourself!

Research about the benefits of massage therapy gives strong evidence for including massage as part of an approach to ward off pain, relieving stress and anxiety while creating a mind-body connection.

Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure

A healthy diet along with exercise and a daily stretch routine is a major factor in prevention. But, did you know that massage can be a very powerful asset for preventive care too? By seeing a massage therapist regularly, you can prevent minor skeletomuscular injuries from becoming major problems that could lead to loss of mobility or flexibility later in life.

Massage therapy specifically works to lengthen muscle tissue that may be stuck in a pattern of chronic shortening.

Consider regular massage sessions in comparison to doctor visits and surgeries.  Think about what the cost would be with prescription drugs once that nagging ache of a muscle, a migraine, or pain from sciatica that develops and becomes a real structural problem.


Think preventative not repair!