COVID-19 has forced gyms to close and re-open only to recycle, and we hope it doesn’t again.  Whatever will we do if it does?!

We know about the effects of physical exercise. It’s good for strengthening the heart, and known for building muscles.  For strong bones, exercise is essential!

If you haven’t started a regime…Now is the TIME.  Begin slowly and progress as your strength increases…always listen to your body and know your limits!

  • Try Strength and Flex, a 5-week exercise plan for beginners, to improve your strength and flexibility.

If you have started whether it’s a workout at the park, a run in your neighborhood, yoga in your living room, or your garage gym…keep up the progress.

Exercises that make a measurable difference — in just weeks!

These workouts will reinforce your bones’ strength and add to a measurable increase in vital bone density, in as little as six weeks!

Exercises for Bone Strength – these eight exercises provide a well-rounded exercise program that will strengthen your bones without stretching your patience. Innovative weight-bearing exercises will stimulate bone growth and versatile resistance exercises will challenge your muscles and improve bone density.

Adults: 18 and over

To reduce the rate of natural bone loss that occurs from the age of 35 and older, aim to do muscle-strengthening activities at least 2-3 days a week.  Examples of other suitable activities include:
  • brisk walking, including Nordic walking
  • moderate-resistance weightlifting
  • stair climbing
  • carrying or moving heavy loads like groceries
  • exercising with resistance bands
  • heavy gardening, such as digging and shovelling
  • cross-training machines

Adults: Who are at risk 

If you have osteoporosis or brittle bones, regular physical activity can help.  Not only to keep your bones strong and reduce the risk of a fracture but also improve balance, build stamina, and reduce pain.

Depending on your risk of fracture, you may need to avoid some types of high-impact exercises.  Exercises such as jumping and running, and activities that involve bending forwards and twisting at the waist like touching your toes, sit-ups, golf, tennis, bowling, and some yoga poses.

Recommended exercises—to reduce any risk of falls or injury—involve a combination of strength, balance and endurance training:

  • strength training exercises using your body weight
  • flexibility exercises
  • tai chi
  • walking
  • low-impact dancing

But if you’re otherwise, and already maintain a regular exercise program or routine, you should be able to continue.

Speak to a GP and ask if there’s an exercise referral scheme in your area that caters for people who fall into this category.

Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork encourages self-care and physical exercise is one way.  With COVID, you’ll find so many new workouts online or on mobile apps.  Find one that fits you!!