As reported by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, in this article Eating Yourself to Death, one-third of the U.S. diet consists of junk or fast food we know to be processed.

Why has this epidemic become so prevalent in society—and how can we lead the change?

For decades, society has been caught in a chaotic, frenzied spiral where multi-tasking, over-scheduling and double-booking.  Ultimately, this only leads to a faster-paced life with less time and where convenience foods have become a solution to a quick meal.  As a result, people are not getting enough nutrients in their diet.  This may be linked to low energy, depression, obesity, chronic pain and disease and can likely lead to an inflammatory response, which is more likely to become part of your future if your body doesn’t receive the correct nutrition.  But we can lead the change through culinary medicine!

What Is Culinary Medicine?

Culinary medicine is aimed to empower individuals about nutritional and teaching them to make the right choices in healthy eating as a primary self-care technique.  The objective is to help prevent and treat conditions in ways that produce less systemic inflammation to help reduce risk of cardiovascular diseasecertain cancers, auto-immune conditions, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

According to The Department of Family Medicine at University of California, they have integrated culinary medicine as a program.  The theory is that physicians have more knowledge and training in practical nutrition–including healthy cooking skills–that help improve their effectiveness in supporting healthy nutritional choices for their patients.  This patient-centered approach gives emphasis to wellness, prevention, and self-care.

Let’s Break This Down!

Consuming a whole food–plant-based–diet in part because of its high fiber content, has proven benefits that improve the body’s response to many conditions.

3 Health Benefits Of Eating Natural Foods To Consider

The next time you head out to eat, consider a healthy alternative.  Let’s lead the change by healing ourselves and “let food by thy medicine”, to quote Hippocrates.

You Deserve to Feel Better