Corporate Wellness 

Massage Therapy Journal states that companies that have implemented corporate wellness programs have reported significant reductions in employee absenteeism, work-related injuries & even compensation claims. “This can significantly lower the high cost of employee health care in the long term,” says Natalie Jung-O’Connor, Founder & LMT of Oasis Therapy, “and, for any company, that’s the bottom line.” 

60% of Our Day is Spent at Work!

And by offering a healthy break — like massage therapy —  encourages people to be more aware and attentive not only to their body but also to the productivity level. In turn, this can prevent stress-related health conditions and costly time off. To employ chair massage as a unique employee benefit in order to alleviate workplace stressors, Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork will establish a sense of wellness to the corporate environment. This is a crucial move as the workplace is a setting in which the majority of us spend our days.

On-site Massage Benefits:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease work related injuries
  • Improve morale
  • Recruit new employees

GOT A REFERRAL?  Our “Workplace Wellness Referral Program” … to the person who orchestrates this connection – if your employer elects Oasis Therapy to be their provider–for 12 months you will receive a FREE 10-minute chair massage.

Call or Text Me: 623.698.5236 — Workplace Wellness — Wellness Event 

What To Expect:
In-office sessions range from 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes.  All chair massage sessions include hands, arms, neck and shoulders, and back in which to target muscle tension release.  Simple stretching and a customized demonstration of self-techniques are also offered.  A visit to your office weekly, bi-weekly or monthly can be scheduled – choose what’s right for you!


Let Oasis Therapy help!


Since 2007, Oasis Therapy has been a staple in the corporate environment by delivering tangible benefits in personal care for working individuals.  


Do like what some affiliates do, elect Oasis Therapy as your corporate wellness provider for events like employee appreciation, client gifts, and consumer promotions. Whatever the desire to bring in corporate wellness into your environment, consider making a connection with Oasis Therapy and join us in promoting our mission!

Why not energize your employees and pave the way for more productivity?