Take Charge of Professional Development

Professional Development (PD) in terms of massage means learning the newest modalities and techniques, which assists in preventing challenges; for a therapist it’s burnout and for a client it’s boredom. When therapists practice the same techniques, the experience becomes repeated.  However, training in the latest techniques not only increases passion in the therapist and underscores value in addition to stimulating client bookings and increasing customer loyalty 82%.


Continuing education workshops 1) improve skill set to ensure therapist capabilities are kept with the pace of current standards and 2) demonstrates competence within your profession.  “What excites me is learning new techniques, adding them into a massage session, and sharing with clients the information learned either by communicating the concept or by demonstrating those techniques,” explains Natalie Jung-O’Connor, Founder & LMT at Oasis Therapy Massage & Bodywork. 


According to Forbes Magazine, there are five ways to take charge of your professional development:

  1. Earn a certificate
  2. Enroll in an online course
  3. Speak at a conference or seminar
  4. Expand your scope
  5. Find a mentor

Let’s see how this works!

With on-going education, Oasis Therapy can target specific client issues with a more keen insight into the musculoskelatal structure and its associated pain.  Natalie’s continuance in education and cutting-edge theoretical developments carries into a client’s therapeutic massage session. 

Since 2007, Oasis Therapy has continued stay abreast in the newest developments within the massage industry.  In part to meet the requirements of keeping a current massage therapy license with the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy, but also to expand my scope of practice for career growth. 


Here are a few continuing education workshops taken in past year: 

  • Intro to Eastern Massage Methods, October 2019 
  • Trigger Point Therapy, July 2019
  • Medical Massage, Advanced Anatomy for Neck, February 2019
  • Cranial Sacral, August 2018
  • Scoliosis Treatment, June 2018
  • Myofascial Release, November 2017
  • Bodywork for Nerve Compression, October 2017
  • Sacro-Illiac Joint Recovery, August 2017