What is massage therapy? The concept is to obtain its integrity and repattern tissue through manual manipulation regardless if you seek Swedish or Deep tissue.  Understanding the purpose of each massage technique applied while identifying the appropriate techniques-for that muscle or its group-is best for optimal health.

There are two beneficial effects of massage in the body:

  • Mechanical effects are the direct physical effects of the massage techniques on the tissues being manipulated. 
  • Reflexive effects are indirect responses to touch that affect body functions and tissues throughout the nervous or energy systems of the body. 

When you work with Oasis Therapy, we’ll discuss a strategic plan for your health goals and break it into small steps so you see results.  Most importantly, the client’s follow-through in terms of self-care is just as significant to the success of a treatment.

What does this mean for you?

When you receive a massage from Oasis Therapy, your experience will be different every time.  

Swedish massage

Deep tissue